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Stuck in traffic, at the supermarket, picking the kids up at daycare, at the gym, at work... the one place your customers are most likely NOT looking for you is in front of their PC. There's an 85% chance of it! Let Berry Web Designs mobilize your internet presence today!
  • Call Berry Web Designs Today for a FREE consultation! No high-pressure sales. Speak directly with someone in the USA.
  • Looking to Mobilize your web presence? Call Berry Web Designs today! We've helped dozens of small business just like yours to reach more customers.
  • Need someone in the USA to call for support when you need help? American Veteran owned and operated, Berry Web Designs never outsources our work to foreign countries.
  • We always make Examples and References available upon request! We're proud of our work and you will be too.

Our Design Process

Customer driven, results oriented
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At Berry Web Designs, we look at the entire design process from an entirely different angle. We realize your time is valuable. That's why we develop your website in a test environment. We never impact your current website: never an unsightly "under construction" or a dead page. You'll actually get to see your new or revamped website taking shape before your eyes.
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Modern Custom Designs

Custom designed especially for you
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Form and function are always blended seamlessly to deliver a highly available, clean and easily navigated design for every website we create. At Berry Web Designs, we know that the old axium "you only get one chance to make a first impression has never been more true than with a company website. Your customers are everywhere. Shouldn't you be there too?
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We Are Passionate About Design

At Berry Web Designs, it's all about providing a pleasant customer experience while showcasing your products and services. We don't get bogged down in endless paperwork or meetings to set appointments for more meetings. We respect that your time is valuable.

At the end of the day, if your customers can't find what they are looking for on your website easily and in a matter of seconds, the opportunity is gone. We take that seriously.

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Meet Our Team

Steve Berry CISSP, MCSE 30 years in IT. 12+ years self employed as a Professional Web Developer.
Jon Walden 25+ Years B2B Sales & Marketing Experience. Small Business Owner for 15+ Years.
Steve Berry is a US Marine Corps. veteran who has been in the I.T. industry for 30 years and held positions ranging from help desk to data center & operations manager. He's been a self employed small business owner for the last 12+ years as a Web Developer. Steve has personally built hundreds of websites over the years and consulted with scores of small business owners to create custom websites and designs that get results.

Jon Walden is an experienced sales and marketing professional with a 25+ year background in industries such as office equipment, medical supplies, medical equipment, print media advertising and Google Adword pay-per-click campaigns. Jon has been a successful sales and marketing entrepreneur for 15+ years and is passionate about his business marketing strategies for his own businesses and his customers.
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Service Commitment

Berry Web Designs is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of products and services on every level and at all phases of our relationship with you. We never outsource our work to any foreign countries and you will always have the opportunity to speak directly to the person doing the actual work on your website, before and after completion.

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